Saturday, July 18, 2009

a new discovery

I just found this really cool site called where you can sell poster prints, magnets, buttons, etc... of your artwork. I've been looking for a low-cost way to sell prints of some of my paintings, and this seems to be pretty ideal for me right now. Basically, I don't have to worry about shipping or having enough prints on hand. The posters and accessories are printed and shipped by Cafepress, and all I have to do is promote.

I just set up my free shop, and I sell posters, tote bags, magnets, postcards, and buttons featuring some of my artwork. Eventually, I will list some of my original paintings in my Etsy shop, so I wanted to find a way to offer prints as a low-cost option.

So, if there are any artists reading this post who are looking for a way to sell low-cost prints of their artwork - Check out Cafepress! You can set up a basic shop for free, so it can't hurt to try it. The prints are posters, not giclee prints, but it's a free way to make prints of your work available.

Now, I will say that in the free basic shop, you can only have one of each type of product (ex: one totebag, one 3.5" button, one 11"x17" poster print), but that hasn't stopped me from having a decent shop :)

It will do for now.

UPDATE: My Premium Cafepress shop:
After having a free shop for a while, I decided to go premium to give me more options. The free shop was great to get me started, but I later wanted to sell more items.

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